The Panchen Lama Reincarnation Lineage

The Panchen Lamas are considered to be emanations of Buddha Amitābha. The first in this Reincarnation Lineage was Khendup Geleg Namgyal Pelsang a student of Je Tsongkapa. Only later when the fourth Dalai Lama gave his teacher Lobsang Chökyi Gyaltsen the title "Panchen Lama" was this Reincarnation lineage officially established. For this reason two numbering systems of the Panchen Lama Lineage exist. Historically the Panchen Lamas are abbots of the Tashi Lhumpo Monastery and have in the past played an important role in the selection of new Dalai Lama incarnations.

1. Khendup Geleg Namgyal Pelsang
(student of Je Tsongkapa)
2. Sonam Chöki Lanpo
3. Logsang Dondrup
4. (1.) Panchen Lama
Lobsang Chökyi Gyaltsen
(the title Panchen Lama was given to this
incarnation lineage by the 4th Dalai Lama)
5. (2.) Panchen Lama
Lobsang Yeshe
6. (3.) Panchen Lama
Lobsang Palden Yeshe
7. (4.) Panchen Lama
Lobsang Tenpe Nyima
8. (5.) Panchen Lama
Lobsang Palden Chöki Dragpa Tenpe Wangchuk
9. (6.) Panchen Lama
Lobsang Chöki Nyima Geleg Namgyal
10. (7.) Panchen Lama
Lobsang Trinley Lhudup Chökyi Gyaltsen
11. (8.) Panchen Lama
Tenzin Gendün Yeshe Tinle Phuntsog
(25th April 1989- )

Panchen Lama

(world's youngest political prisoner)

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