Sakya Throne Holders

The Sakya Order is the second oldest Order of of Tibetan Buddhism.
Being a spiritual as well as a royal lineage it traces it's roots back to the Indian Mahāsiddha Virupa as well as the "Celestial Race" - the "Lha Rig", later "Khön - which arrived in Tibet ten generations before Guru Rinpoche. Within the Sakya family there are several family branches which are designated as "Labrangs". The table below outlines the reigns of the varous throne holders their Labrang as well as indicating whether the throne holder was also a Lam-Dre lineage holder.

1Khon Konchog Gyalpo (1034-1102)
Bari Lotsawa Rinchen Drag (1040-1111)
3Tsewa Chenpo Sachen Kunga Nyingpo (1092-1158)
4Loppon Rinpoche Sonam Tsemo (1142-1172)
5Jetsun Rinpoche Dragpa Gyaltsen (1147-1216)
6Choeje Sakya Pandita (1182-1251)
7Regent of Sakya Pandita (-)
Drogon Choegyal Phagpa (First reign) (1235-1280)
Chung Rinchen Gyaltsen (1238-1279)
Drogon Choegyal Phagpa .(Second reign) (1235-1280)
Dharmapala Rakshita (1268-1287)
Sharpa Jamyang Chenpo (1258-1306)
13Dagnyid Chenpo Sangpo Pal (1262-1324)
14Zhithogpa Kheytsun Chenpo (1305-1343)
Rinchen Gang Labrang Jamyang Donyod Gyaltsen (1310-1344)
Rinchen Gang Labrang Lama Dampa Sonam Gyaltsen (1312-1375)
17Lhakhang Labrang Tawan Lodroe Gyaltsen (1332-1364)
18Zhithogpa Tawan Kunga Rinchen (1339-1399)
19Zhithogpa Lodro Gyaltsen (1366-1420)
20Rinchen Gangpa Jamyang Namkha Gyaltsen (1398-1472)
21Zhithogpa Kunga Wangchug (1418-1462)
Rinchen Gangpa Dagchen Gyagar Sherab Gyaltsen (1436-1494)
23Rinchen Gangpa Dagchen Lodro Gyaltsen (1444-1495)

24Duchod Labrangpa Salo Jhampai Dorje Kunga Sonam (1485-1533)
25Duchod Labrangpa Ngagchang Choekyi Gyalpo Kunga Rinchen (1517-1584)
Duchod Labrangpa Jamyang Sonam Sangpo (1519-1621)
27Duchod Labrangpa Dragpa Lodro Gyaltsen (1563-1617)
Duchod Labrangpa Ngawang Kunga Wangyal (1592-1620)
29Duchod Labrangpa Jamgon Lameshab Kunga Sonam (1597-1659)
30Duchod Labrangpa Jamgon Sonam Wangchug (1638-1685)
31Duchod Labrangpa Jamgon Kunga Tashi (1656-1711)
32Duchod Labrangpa Jamyang Sonam Rinchen (1705-1741)
33Duchod Labrangpa Sachen Kunga Lodroe (1729-1783)
34Duchod Labrangpa Jamgon Wangdue Nyingpo (1763-1809)
35Dolma Phodrang Padma Dudul Wangchug (1792-1853)
Phuntsog Phodrang Jamgon Dorje Rinchen (1819-1867)
37Dolma Phodrang Thegchen Tashi Rinchen (1824-1865)
38Phuntsog Phodrang Ngawang Kunga Sonam (1842-1882)
39Dolma Phodrang Kunga Nyingpo Samphel Norbu (1850-1899)
40Phuntsog Phodrang Zamling Chegu Wangdu (1855-1919)
41Dolma Phodrang Dragshul Thinley Rinchen (1871-1936)
42Phuntsog Phodrang Ngawang Thutob Wangchuk (1900-1950)
43His Holiness Sakya Trizin (1945- 

Duchod Labrang
Rinchen Gang Labrang
Lhakhang Labrang
Zhithog Labrang
              Lam Dre Lineage Holder

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