The Shamar Reincarnation Lineage

The Shamarpa reincarnation lineage originates with the recognition of the first Shamarpa (who was considered to be a manifestations of the Buddha Amitabha) by the third Karmapa Düsum Khyenpa. After that various Sharmapas were very influential and served as lineage holders of the Karma Kagyü tradition. In the late 18th century the institution of the Shamarpa came to an abrupt end when, as a result of political circumstances, it was decreed by the tibetan government that the recognition and/or enthroning of anyone answering to the name of Shamarpa was strictly forbidden.

1st Shamarpa
Khaydrup Tragpa Senge
2nd Shamarpa
Kacho Wangpo
3rd Shamarpa
Chopal Yeshe
4th Shamarpa
Chokyi Tragpa Pal Yeshe
(1453 -1526)
5th Shamarpa
Konchog Yenlag
6th Shamarpa
Chokyi Wangchuk
7th Shamarpa
Palden Yeshe Nyinpo
8th Shamarpa
Palchen Chokyi Dondrub
9th Shamarpa
Konchog Geway Jungnay
10th Shamarpa
Mipam Chodrub Gyatso

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