Dharma Heirs of Nyak Jñānakumāra
The Nyak Lineage

Within Vajrayāna Buddhism there are two kinds of lineages: "close lineages" and "distant lineages". Distant lineages refer to a series of teacher-pupil transmissions which extend over many generations sometimes over hundreds or even thousands of years. Due to the fact that the profundity of a chain of transmissions is only as deep as it's weakest link distant lineages generally become weaker over time. Close lineages on the other hand are those whose origin lies in "pure visions" and/or "Termas" (hidden treasures) serve to rejuvenate and revitalize lineages which may have lost their vigor over time.

The Tibetan adept Nyak Jñānakumāra was a direct student of the great tantric master Padmasambhava who is regarded by the Nyingma Order as the "Buddha of Tantra". The Nyak lineage shown below is the initial link in a long chain transmitting the following trio of transmissions from their initial source the great tantric master Padmasambhava down through subsequent generations to all branches of the Nyingma Order today.

  • The Sūtra which Gathers All Intentions of Anuyoga Tantra
  • The Magical Net of Mahāyoga Tantra
  • The Mental Class of Atiyoga Tantra

Yudra Nyingpo
|_ Nyak Jñānakumāra
|   The eight glorious adepts of Vajrakīla
|_ Lamcok Pelgi Dorje
|_ Tarje Pelgi Trakpa
|_ Tra Pelgi Nyingpo
|_ Lhalung Pelgi Dorje
|_ Odren Pelgi Zh÷nu
|_ Nyencen Pelyang
|_ Thakzamg Pelgi Dorje
|_ Sogdian Pelgi Yeshe
|_ Nupcen Sangye Yeshe------------>The Nup Lineage

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