The Tai Situpa Reincarnation Lineage

One of the present lineage holders of the Karma Kagyü School of Tibetan Buddhism is the 12th Tai Situ Rinpoche Pema Donyo Nyinje who, like his predecessors is considered to be a emanation of the bodhisattva Maitreya. Among the Tai Situpas - whose seat is in the Palpung Monastery in Derge - the 8th, 9th and 11th Tai Situpas served as interim "lineage holders" of the essential Karma Kagyü transmissions and thus represent an important reincarnation lineage within the Karma Kagyü school.

1st Tai Situpa
(the titel "Tai Situpa" was given by the Ming Emperor )
Chokyi Gyaltsen
2nd Tai Situpa
Tashi Namgyal
(recognized by the 6th Karmapa)
3rd Tai Situpa
Tashi Paljor
4th Tai Situpa
Chokyi Gocha
5th Tai Situpa
Chokyi Gyaltsen
6th Tai Situpa
Chogyal Mipam Trinley Rabten
7th Tai Situpa
Lekshe Mawe Nyima
8th Tai Situpa
Chokyi Jungne
(one of the most well-known scholars and authors of his time)
9th Tai Situpa
Pema Nyinje Wongpo
10th Tai Situpa
Pema Kunzang Chogyal
11th Tai Situpa
Pema Wangchog Gyalpo
12th Tai Situpa
Pema Donyo Nyinje

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